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Welcome to the World Famous Atlantic Masters Pigeon Race

The Ultimate Race in the Atlantic with over 20 coordinators world wide. Winter fun starting 1″ December 2017 to week commencing 19″ March 2018. Live races every other day right through to the Final.

With years of experience between us all, we will strive to bring you the best and most honest race ever. We can offer you 4 x Car races “That’s right Everyone! 4 Hotspots like no other in the Atlantic”.

Atlantic Masters Pigeon Race   

Liberation           19-24 March 2018 , 08:00                                       Distance         300km
Type                     Main Race                                                                  Status              Official

Atlantic Masters Pigeon Race Bank Details  

Banking details
Bank:La Caixa de Barcelona
Account number
IBAN Number:
ES 20 2100 1766 4101 0049 1051
SWIFT Number

Dear Participants After days of owner talks and corrections of all outstanding issues at owner and director level, Carlos and I are pleased to announce that the race is programmed to go forward as programmed. We can only apologise to all participants, friends and...
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Training Update

Due to maintenance of the clock, training has been postponed for today, apologies for the amendment.
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Training 2

Liberation Time 11:30 hrs Distance 5km Apologies in advance that there will be no YouTube
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Traning 2 has been put a day “Please read”

Hello all, I can confirm the trainer on the 10th has been put back until 11th.This is due to the hard 1st trainer for near 150 pigeons, We understand some people may be upset but the health of the birds must come first. On a good note the birds will be trained on the...
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Congratulations Germany, Team H.P.Esser and all Top Ten

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Training Scedule

Training Schedule January 2018 08-01-18---------- 5km 10-01-18---------- 5km 12-01-18---------- 10km 14-01-18---------- 10km 16-01-18---------- 15km 18-01-18---------- 15km 20-01-18---------- 20km 21-01-18---------- 25km 22-01-18---------- 35km 25-01-18---------- 45km...
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Please to watch livestream please just click on photo at the top of the page and go from there "Please follow then you will be automatically notified" good luck.  ...
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Benzing Live

Hello everyone, by clicking on photo at top of page (Benzing Live it should take you to the results page) As we have bought the best one loft race system there is no need to have accounts as everything is built in to programme. Anyone wishing to buy Pigeons please...
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Delayed Training Please read below:

Ladies and gentlemen With great regret due to unforeseen circumstances will have to put training back until January . Our internet has failed to connect to the satellite as we do not have cable to our location. Myself,Wayne and Freddie have been working solid on lists...
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Loft Visit of Harry Jackson

We would would like to say thank you to Harry and his lovely Wife after attending the lofts today, he saw how hard this taste of tagging Pigeons. We are are aiming to start training on the 14th Dec as to give birds from the last shipments time to settle in to the...
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