The First Irish Shipment

Hello everyone, just a short note that us- The Atlantic Masters! are very grateful to all the Ireland fanciers who have given us some great pigeons to fly in this great race. We were very excited today…as to get birds directly delivered from Ireland was a first for us. When we opened the boxes all youngsters were in great condition and full of life. Carlos did make me laugh! When at the airport he said now they are heading back to pigeon paradise. ” Well they can top up on their sun-tans while in Quarantine but after that they will have to get used to flying in the heat as while we were at the lofts it stood at 35 degrees. The bath was placed down for them and the sign of healthy pigeons was that they were all jumping in it “Even the little ones” what we will do with the very young is put them in with 4 hens for a week or so before entering them back into loft or place the 4 hens into their loft. We have collated some photos from Airport to the lofts and getting them out of boxes to having a bath. My good lady Krystel is imputing all information on birds into database as I type away. So what to expect over the next few weeks in Quarantine, the pigeons have been put on 9 in 1 product today with electrolyte’s in the water, also just in case any lost any essential fluids on route “but by looking at them they were in great condition”. So before I go into all participants…I would like to say a huge thank you to Alan Knowles for all his hard work and driving the length and breadth of Ireland and he is truly a star in our eyes and part of the family here in GC. We would also like to say a huge thanks to Gerry McCourt for the very professional approach from day one and his high standards of shipping the pigeons to us, and it was our first interaction with “Gerry” even though we have known each other for years. We try to be as professional as possible but also transparent and seeing Gerry’s work he is 100% welcome to be part of this race now and going forward into the future. So thank you greatly again to both of you.



So who is here from the Emerald Island!

Billy Hayes Northern Ireland

Karl Donnelly

Gerry McCourt


Conner Whelan

Maurice O’Donnell

Billy Wallace

Michael Johnson

Alan Knowles (Bronski Syndicate)

Herbie Thorpe

The Atlantic Masters Team









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