Hello Everyone,

Well it has been a long hard week for all the staff within the UK, but we have successfully shipped 143 pigeons on our second shipment, so we have 312 pigeons all ready from England, Wales and Scotland with Ireland becoming an independent shipping country which is amazing and we look to anticipate 60-100 pigeons arriving on the 5 July. So between our 4 great nations we will have 400+. With Germany, Holland and Belgium chipping in their own big shipment on the 17 July.

You are part of probably the best race in the Canary Island for 2017/2018. Yet again our staff have gone that little further to give you success and a professional approach; which is immense and not gone unnoticed.

Don’t miss our next shipment on the 26 July 2017!

We are approaching 750 Pigeons even at this early stage; which is a credit to you all.

Thank you

The Atlantic Masters Team GC



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