The Atlantic Masters Reports


REPORT 8 & 9

Well hello all, I am sorry I have not wrote in a while but myself and Krystel have lost one of our best friends our pet Dog “Dave” recently and we are in the UK at the moment. We have come back for the summer allowing myself to have some hospital appointments before heading back out to GC. It’s been an emotional journey over the last 6 weeks with “Dave” passing but also an overwhelming feeling of joy with the amount of pigeons that just keep coming in our direction from all over the world. It is unbelievable to think how far Atlantic Masters have come in such a short space of time. This would not be possible without our best coordinators all over the world and you as loyal fanciers. 

We have had shipments from the UK, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria,Hungry, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Holland and many more since I spoke to you last. We have winners from the Big races all over the world “Karl Clement” in particular it’s just unbelievable. We have had the birds checked by the Vet and all clear. We have approx 1000 pigeons flying out and 390 in quarantine. With properly the biggest shipment from the UK on the 26th September and also 6 big shipments from all over Europe it’s getting good. Our aim was to bring you the best race in the World and we are getting there in all fairness. A handful of people have tried to derail us over the last few months but as a one loft race we will continue to strive for our aims and goals of being a great race to participate and be involved with. We, the Atlantic Masters as a whole team is looking forward to all what’s happening in the near future and beyond. 

Our Senior Coordinator “Karl” is one of many hard working individuals on our team, we are so lucky to have such a great man on our team. On the big shipment on the 09-08-17 he drove 1300km to pick up birds from our other Coordinators and Alexander Gebel, this just shows how strong our team is and people can question, but our commitment is evident. It is the same here in the UK as you, the fanciers have the best people in charge and their honesty shines through daily. To you Pete,John,Alan,Wayne,Lou,Freddie,Tenny, and David thank you so much for being great friends but also great people on representing our amazing race. 

The weather has been near 40 degrees most days at the lofts and the birds are out early as you can see, we have vaccinated all birds that have come in to the lofts as we stated we would do. The birds are in amazing condition and the lofts will be a state of the art complex, please see below. We have now got the new massive computer system that will hold the huge audiences around the world and having so many countries representing themselves in this years challenge it stands us in great foundation for years to come. 

On the local front due to time and appointments I have not seen anyone really but did see my great mate “Rob Fryer” and it’s never a dull moment with him. Has all the gossip what has gone on and what is going to be happening. “Rob” is not a one loft race man but he informed myself he and “Zak” is on board on the September shipment which is yet again credit to us. So I’ll be getting yet again a top fancier from my local area in North Wales. Thinking about my old area we have some great fanciers and I’m privileged to have flown against them all. I have not seen Tommy as of yet but last reports were he was off to a wedding. Councillor “Leg-end Jones is like the invisible man and I think he should be part of the next Marvel movie. On the Newton front I believe “Top Chef” Gary Leighton is flying a great pigeon but knowing Neston again for many years there are some amazing flyers there and a very hard club to win never mind topping the fed. 

Going back to our devastating news on probably one of the most famous dogs in our sport “Dave”. Myself and Krystel are still missing him so much but we understand how much he had one of the best lives a dog could ever ask for. He has seen it all and been there for all. His loving nature and licks to all showed his love. His love for the pigeons was adorable, also he never touched a pigeon in his life. Tributes from all over the world flooded in once news broke out of his sudden passing. We are left now with Junior who has learnt so much off “Dave” and we are so proud . So from the whole of the world of pigeon sport and especially the Atlantic Masters R.I.P “Dave” we love you and you will always be in our heart

REPORT 6 & 7

Hello everyone!


Well it’s all go here in the lovely island of Gran Canaria, we have pigeons coming in every other day and big shipments from around the world. I mentioned America and China a few articles ago. Well it’s nearly 100% we will be having a shipment from The great USA, which itself is amazing so we should have a great battle on our hands for the top prizes. It’s been a quick turn around on shipments from UK and Ireland and next in is the Irish contingent flown direct from Ireland direct to GC. Alan Knowles has been working so hard along with Gerry McCourt (Shipper) and we have a total of 83 pigeons “which in itself” is amazing support by this great country. This is their first shipment with another three to go. I am so glad Gerry has come on board to ship pigeons as he is such a respected man within the pigeon world. “So from myself and Krystel thank you” many people have stated we are the one loft race that can only get better. We have a lot of work to do believe me when we say this, even though it’s probably the best race for interacting between the organisation and the fanciers (competing and none competing) we have tried to bring you in to our World. We have tried to give you everything upfront in prize money the way we work and our honesty. This will be our making in the long run and with everything that is coming together in regards to the new lofts illustrated in this report as it’s just not a loft but also a high tech quarantine section. The loft has been designed by myself, Carlos and the architect and brings in all aspects of health, environment and most of all easy access in to the main trapping area. The pigeons will be run down the corridor when basketing in 20’s and ultimately over Benzing antennas for live basketing which will also be on live stream every day we train. When it comes to big races (Hotspots) we will individually mark all pigeons for the utmost protection of the competition. Yet again we highlight Transparency “Remember” we have four Hotspots with four cars (prize money) up for grabs. More than any other one loft race in the Canary Islands. So I suppose for a total of 500€ for 5 pigeons is a great achievement by us and we are sticking with other races as we don’t take bigger percentages of income. We have listened to all who have asked questions and said it would be better doing this way.


Website (looking forward)

All participants will soon get your login details to our website and there will be sections in there for you to upload all pedigrees and add all your personal details “In and out Accounts” it will have your own page for advertising (within reason) where we can put on to the website. I am also trying to put a thumbnail photo of your pigeon in accounts with a graph of the pigeons results. So it should be the best of the rest come October (Well I hope) but my vision is there and I’m fully in control with Carlos. Going on to the Benzing System well it’s probably the best in the world at the moment and we really don’t have to touch it (We do wish we could put photos on it but unfortunately it does not hold that facility) so I’ve created a template of a top ten result for all trainers and races where we will be able to show photos of birds and graphs.

Weather and Health

The weather is very hot here at the moment and we are not taking any chances with the birds flying out, we don’t want to take anything out of the birds in the heat so they are on Avery duty for a few weeks until it passes. We all know with young birds once a young birds loses the fat tank it’s hard to get them to perform later on in life. I and Carlos sweat like a waterfall most days! Ha. We just wanted to get that across to you all so you understand our thinking. We have NO pigeons in the hospital bay for near 600 pigeons, which in my own eyes is credit to you who have sent. The birds are robust and strong and loving their new environment but saying that “who wouldn’t” it is a truly great country “don’t get me wrong like most places you get your rogues but 99.9% Canaria people have hearts of gold and will help you.


This weekend is our first dropping test done by Retford Poultry, so I’m hoping everything is all good but in one loft racing you come across some weird stuff. But all reports will be published on our website and also in our right ups. I think this also brings more transparency to our organisation and nothing is hidden. Obviously if there is some abnormal result we will know and treat professionally as directed by probably the best vets in UK dealing with our pigeons. So if tests come back good or bad they will be published. But looking at the pigeons they are in fine fettle. I have worked side by side with Libby and William for some time now and their service is literally second to none. I respect everything about them and us as a one loft could spend thousands on factory made products but we don’t. Anything we give to the birds is prescribed and administrated accordingly to vets instructions. Like we have stated from the beginning we vaccinate twice to expand the memory of the inner immunity for the pigeon. As you can see by the photos of the loft the floor is supported approximately 4 ft from the floor and has grills.

So if we do get a young bird that has young bird sickness, the other birds can not pick anything up and the sheer size or the lofts aid the smooth running of the whole race, as like stated before the loft may hold 4000+ pigeons but our limit is 3100 this will not be pushed. The land we are on we have room to expand 5 x the 70+ metres we have now. We also have alternative level for all viewers on final day or Hotspots but perhaps next years series can see the benefit.



So what else do we have in the near future, well we will have the best Atlantic pigeons coming on Auction this week (If not already on) The birds on offer have flown further than any one loft race in the Canary Islands and I know in the UK have problems getting them over that 26 mile channel but these birds have flown 488km into the Atlantic Ocean North of Gran Canaria. So that is about 428km over open water and these will be on Elimar Auction site. With a starting price of only £75 pounds and to be honest that is an unbelievable price. Anyone buying in the UK the birds will be shipped direct to Animal to Fly in Holland and then transport by the most professional courier in the UK (Walkers) the costing of the shipment all depends on amounts coming back to UK or Europe. But it will be on the Auction site, so you don’t get stung with additional costs as I know how frustrating it is. Looking forward to next years Auctions…well the plan as it stands now is to split in to different locations around Europe and major Auction sites. We have a huge demand in China for the winning birds due to the fact they and Taiwan race out to sea. So everything has been put in place so all good going forward.


1st Irish shipment

Just a short note that us- The Atlantic Masters! are very grateful to all the Ireland fanciers who have given us some great pigeons to fly in this great race. We were very excited today…as to get birds directly delivered from Ireland was a first for us. When we opened the boxes all youngsters were in great condition and full of life. Carlos did make me laugh! When at the airport he said now they are heading back to pigeon paradise. ” Well they can top up on their sun-tans while in Quarantine but after that they will have to get used to flying in the heat as while we were at the lofts it stood at 35 degrees. The bath was placed down for them and the sign of healthy pigeons was that they were all jumping in it “Even the little ones” what we will do with the very young is put them in with 4 hens for a week or so before entering them back into loft or place the 4 hens into their loft. We have collated some photos from Airport to the lofts and getting them out of boxes to having a bath. My good lady Krystel is imputing all information on birds into database as I type away. So what to expect over the next few weeks in Quarantine, the pigeons have been put on 9 in 1 product today with electrolyte’s in the water, also just in case any lost any essential fluids on route “but by looking at them they were in great condition”. So before I go into all participants…I would like to say a huge thank you to Alan Knowles for all his hard work and driving the length and breadth of Ireland and he is truly a star in our eyes and part of the family here in GC. We would also like to say a huge thanks to Gerry McCourt for the very professional approach from day one and his high standards of shipping the pigeons to us, and it was our first interaction with “Gerry” even though we have known each other for years. We try to be as professional as possible but also transparent and seeing Gerry’s work he is 100% welcome to be part of this race now and going forward into the future. So thank you greatly again to both of you.

Looking at home

Talking to some participants the last few days and the feedback on their races seem to be awesome results and it seems Tarbes turned out to be a hard one, also the Midland National. One performance stood out in my eyes on our Facebook page and that was a few

Andy! Biggins lofts:”Our two timers from Tarbes today 567 miles dad timed our first one at 9:10am and the second at 12:20pm we still have 2/20 it’s been a very tough race. Well done to all that clocked birds on the day and today”. From the Atlantic Masters Well Done Mate, also this really did amaze me a video in pitch black and that was:

Bob Besant: “Just when we thought it was all over- this boy rocks up in the dark, 563 miles / 906km on the day and his pigeon flying 16 hours” The Knight” GB15N 79854

As a yearling he was raced out to Saintes – 390 miles and this year as a 2 year went to 3 channel races in the build up to Tarbes.

1st Section 4th Open Grand National Tarbes 2,500+ birds 563 miles 2017 Vel 1049ypm

16th Section 1572 birds 96th Open BICC National Alencon 204 miles 5,649 birds 2017 Vel 1704ypm

97th Section 1708 birds 170th Open BICC National Falaise 172 miles 4065 birds 2017 Vel 1584 ypm

244th Section 1,531 birds, 552nd Open BICC National Poitiers 344 miles 3,667 birds 2017 Vel 1223

81st Section, 189th Open BICC National Le Man 233 miles 2016 Vel 1261

“The Knight” has some amazing pigeons in his pedigree – no less than 3 x 1st International winners, 1st National winner and his grandsire who was also 1st section Tarbes 530 miles. Sire of “The Knight” was bred by Spracklen and Thomas and is from their champion cock “Our Dream” winner of 7x1st prizes inc 3 x 1st section inc: 3 x 1st Section – 1stSection 4th Open BBC Niort 321 miles, 1st Section 7th Open BBC Niort, 1st Section 11th Open NFC Tarbes 530 miles. “Our Dream” is a grandson of “Southfield Supreme” of Mark Gilbert – winner of 1st Sect, 1st Open BICC National 1st Open international Dax 17,416 birds 530 miles. His sires dam is from “Little Diamond” of Roger Lowe – in his words the best hen he has ever owned – winner of 1st National Guernsey and dam and grand dam to 1st National winners Dam of “The Knight” is a granddaughter of “Euro Diamond” of Brockamp – one of the greatest long distance pigeons ever – winner of 1st National, 2nd International Carcassone 10,323 birds, 3rd National, 5thInternational Perpignan 14,900 birds plus many many more.  She also has the blood of “Super Bordeaux” of Brockamp – winner of 1st National, 1st International Bordeaux 11,600 birds,well done mate from the Atlantic Masters.

Finally Tom Roskell Williamson: 2nd section on Sat 58th open into blackpool! Yet again true flying awesome results from all.


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Atlantic Masters Team GC

REPORT 4 & 5

Good Day All,

Well may I start off by saying the Atlantic Masters is over the moon with the turnout of pigeons in the second shipment, not only have we smashed the UK records for the month of June but just to say to have 400+ birds from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the loft just shows you all how big and successful we are. As you can all see below, I have all photos of our shipment, just by looking at the quality of the birds and the health is spectacular. We as a group value the shipping very seriously and know this is the most important time of the whole adventure. The young birds hydration and metabolism (feeding) is our goal to perfection, we have done it year in year out to get robust young birds from A to B (I can tell you we had no fatalities and the way they look just adds me again to praise all my staff and a hard job well done). I hope this proves to you all we care about what we do and pride ourselves on being probably one of the best one lofts races around the world. The birds from UK to GC in less than 48 hrs!!


Holding loft UK                                           Walkers Transport                        Animal fly


GC Airport                              Atlantic Masters Quarantine section all birds in good health



Andy Jackson                                    Tom Sweeney                            Graham Watkins


Sean Harland                                       Mike Ohara                             Ray Bullen / Gerry Clements

I am just sat on the plane going home writing this and it has for me been a hard week and leaving an unwell Krystel at home with the two boys (Dogs) but the nice thing about it all is the complete all round support I have and the team as either a friend or a member of the family come out to GC every time I’m doing a shipment.



I have also been working very hard on the website (behind the scenes) this means in time everything you need in one loft racing will be there for you and it really will be up there with the best. I’ve been looking in to the operation of Benzing and trying to integrate the finer details of their technical system to our great website. But in layman terms it’s very hard to do BUT going to be dead easy to use with big buttons and easy access to your very own personal accounts. I’m adding a facility were you, the customer, can upload information about yourself within reason for other fanciers to understand who you are and for potential future promotions. I am making it user friendly as believe it or not I am no whizz when it comes to computers but I try and I learn, like all the hard way. I hope you like the new design of the lofts and see how much these pigeons of yours are actually in paradise. 300 days of sun hardly any rain but I must say “when it rains it really does rain” I’m just hoping I’ve left all the rain behind as since I walked of that plane on the 24/06 all it did was rain and rain and guess what!! More rain” but I suppose it made up for all that I have missed over the last 8 months. Obviously I have my own race now with Carlos Tadeo Gonzales and it’s quite a change to be honest. Not like before I was seeing over pigeons (Health, training, feeding etc) then website updates, phone calls, Facebook, doing videos. But now I feel blessed I have lots of time to myself and what I do now is manage the website and any reports; which I hope you all enjoy very much. I have had great feedback from many fanciers and thank you. So Carlos has been Isla champion on many occasions “So in my eyes he knows better and most of all he knows Gran Canaria” he has the birds health and feeding to manage and I have set the training programme and it is not easy but very good for us all to watch live every other day (total transparency as usual from Carlos and I and all through our great team) so for myself this weekend I’m already an hour behind schedule as my plane is delayed, so looks like I’ll be at the loft Sunday now but not for long as don’t shout but it is my Krystel’s birthday and I need to take her for our favourite Sunday lunch at the Britannia pub (02/07/17) this does the best big breakfast you could physically imagine and believe me you know when you have had one (you can’t walk if you eat it all) so from Myself and all the team within the Atlantic Masters, we would like to say Happy Birthday Boss (Krystel) as we all know you are the boss and you really do hold all of us as a close family.


Martyn Rudd                Dave Valentine                Freddie Robertson         Alan Knowles/Billy Hayes N Ireland

Home visits were done yet again while home as it’s not the same if you get home but don’t see people close to you in the sport. I stopped off at Mike Holt’s to tell him his pigeons were in good order and dropped him 200 Regal for Tez to puff on. I was not there long as it was at the beginning of the week and before madness started with shipment, we had a good chat about the Eryri federation and it’s new programme (weighing up all the Pro’s and con’s) for me I loved the Welsh South East Combine but obviously it’s on a vote, so to hear they had left soften my heart a little. But remember everyone has opinions and I think we forget that but I wish all the fanciers all the best. Mikes been slowly cutting down on his birds as about 25 years ago he was hit in his Merc (RTA) and damaged his back but now it seems to have caught up with him. So get well soon Mike and the house is yours when you and Tez have time to come out to Gran Canaria.

I also dropped on the most famous man in Rhyl (Tommy Jones) it’s quite ironic really how you seem to hear him before you actually see him. But Tommy is not right either in body and we all know he ain’t right in head but we wish him the best of luck on your next Hospital appointment and make sure you ask for “Broad Green” keep fighting Tommy you know we love ya!!!

  Did not see Councillor Jones (Brian) but I suppose he has out grown us mere folk now and I must remember to book in advance on my next return to the UK. I believe from Tommy (young Malcolm Parry Jones) has been flying a good pigeon in the Nationals “if it’s true mal” well done mate and see you soon for a few young ones, it’s hard to mention everyone but I will try and find time to catch up with you all.  We have now set our 3rd shipment for the 26/07/17 already we are up to 100 pigeons and we will yet again prove we are simply the best with coordinators of shipments and race come December. We as a one loft race understand there are other races in our locality but we operate in a professional manner and all coordinators have strict rules. This is to ensure the continuity and aim our race provides. We work as a massive team all around the world and have one motto ” Honesty and upfront” as you all know if you start stating “Hardest” or “it’s down to the pigeons”, well I can tell you something for nothing every one loft race is hard…when you add water into the mix it gets harder. However with correct education and a good training programme set out and this race will be one to watch! Prize money!! Our prize money will be paid out on the Gala Evening, I have been where you are and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your money. We have placed it in our rules to make this 100%, we have been asked do we pay prize money on a monthly basis “well we do not state it in our rules”, so no monthly system. Tax in Gran Canaria “yes” there is and we will pay 27,000€ on 135,000€ prize fund. This does not come out of the prize fund, In the Canary Islands by law you need a licence to fly a “hot or one loft race” if you look at our rules and conditions you’ll see Our licence. The federation in the Canary Islands must approve the race programme, they also must check on the loft! To see if it can hold the amount of birds it states.  A perch is defined as a place for a bird but that bird must be able to turn around in a 360′ circle without altering their tail.

Questions about transparency that has also been put across, now everyone knows to be 100% transparent you need to do many things that is above board. When you start to train pigeons, be it from 2km or to 60km on a daily basis. First and foremost it is important to have a start of events, if you have livestream it’s a product you buy and it is unlimited for usage, so a 100% basket list should be produced, so that means running the pigeons over the electronic pads every time “Why” well if the race is transparent all previous trainers and all birds should be checked for injuries or not looking 100% as at the end of the day it’s your money we are looking after but also your investment. The Organisation should have a hospital list for all to see and the health of those birds are paramount and should have a great vet on call and regular visits to loft. Going back to livestream once you start training every trainer should be live “Please tell me if I’m wrong” so now we start to have transparency. So we get a basket list live every morning and not the same list from previous trainer. Then you have an up to date Hospital list on a daily basis and finally you get a live trainer and if that is (training not live) behind closed doors all transparency has gone. Finally the last part to it all is…constant updates!! In flight updates and after training has finished. We require 600 teams, so that is 3000 pigeons we state this and we have not offered a mega prize as we can’t at the moment, our lofts are designed to hold 3100 pigeons and we put the pigeons first not the money, this is us just being honest with you and we wish we could say you can win €100,000+ 1st prize but we don’t false advertise but perhaps in the next years series we can offer new figures on a world record 1st prize but until then, please understand we want to ensure honesty and that you as a fancier knows what we offer each step of the way. So, if anyone is interested in sending, please bear these points in mind.

                 Sunday at lofts and I am so very proud of all coordinators and participants as the health of all is paramount. All 143 pigeons today have been vaccinated and then let in to the Avery for a fly. I’ve taken some photos for you to mull over “while I” had a few photos taken of our family here in Maspalomas, GC so to try and bring in the family feeling as that is what we are proud of.

Atlantic Masters Team GC



Good day everyone!

Well things have been very busy for the team and I worldwide. Pigeons are coming in from everywhere and we have the great pleasure to have on board coordinators from Indonesia and South Africa. Please feel free to check out the website to see who has joined the team so far. We should have approximately 650 pigeons by the beginning of July and that itself is such a big achievement for all the highly respected staff but to you as fanciers. So what has been happening over the last two weeks? We have vaccinated all the pigeons in the loft for the second time and now they are out finding themselves with big blue skies to fly in! We will be shipping near 150 pigeons on the 28th June so that is close to 330 UK pigeons already and with July and the big shipment in September coming “I think we can double that amount or even more” to be fair it’s unbelievable but this is why we are the best and proves this.



We plan to have a “Country Challenge” coming soon where every region has a 25 bird limit and will be £120 each to enter, this will be on our Facebook group and if anyone is interested you can contact any UK and Ireland coordinator. Anyone can enter a pigeon to witness their pigeon’s performance and watch it being tested. Many fanciers will be sending experienced pigeons that have flown in the UK and Ireland.

The below will be participating Martyn Rudd, Kirk Bullen and Lee Fribbins and world famous Ralph Schleifer of Germany. Many people have asked about sending raced young birds, my opinion on this method; “it’s everyone’s own preference, but as Gran Canaria is an island the pigeons do break very easily and fanciers love that. Germany seem to like this and obviously their biggest shipments are later in the year which we know there is a good intake in October. Good pigeons from other one loft races also come here and I believe one pigeon flew the Belgium Masters and won a one loft race in the Canary Islands. But on the other hand you have great weather and more time breeding from your stock and the youngsters seem much more robust which people like to do it that way with summer bred babies”. The old saying is “bred in May they will fly all day” but us as a one loft race respect all participants’ ideas and methods as it is you who gives us this great opportunity to race the best pigeons from December to March.


Just like to thank all my coordinators personally, Pete berry (Senior UK Coordinator), John Davies (Wales and UK Coordinator), Tenny Tipper (South Wales Coordinator), Freddie Robertson & Dave Brown (Scotland Coordinators), Wayne Conway & Lou Sylvester (North East of England Coordinators), Alan Knowles (Northern and Southern Ireland Coordinator), Karl-Josef Stroetges (Senior Europe Coordinator), Verry Maulana (Senior Asia Coordinator), Francisco Laurin (Senior Spanish Coordinator), Erwin Panis (Belgium Coordinator), Paul Stokes (South Africa Coordinator), Alexander Gebel (Germany Coordinator), Mark Buse (Germany Austria & Switzerland Coordinator), Florin Cristian (Romania Coordinator), Dima Gorbatovschi (Russia- Moldova- Ukraine-Belarus Coordinator), Maksim Kumanov (Bulgaria Coordinator), Jan & Kevin Pearson (Australia Coordinators), Renatas Usas (Lithuania- Estonia- Leetonia Coordinator), Anton Corneal (Trinidad & Tobago Coordinator), Nikishyn Vitali (Belarus- Russia Coordinator) for all your hard work and commitment to ensuring that this is a great race. The work that our team provide does not go unnoticed by all, when participants state to me that they have sent to many other one loft races and have never experienced such high professionalism previously. This professionalism comes from many years of their own experience, knowledge and honesty.




Just would like to send my appreciation for the great working relationship I have come to value from Libby our veterinarian and Will who has impressed me with his immense knowledge and professionalism. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting both (Retford Poultry Ltd) here in Gran Canaria have already witnessed their work enthusiasm, as well as those who have dealt with Libby and Will from the UK.

I have a few photos of our great welcome dinner event in Puerto Mogan. I was there last year and the food and service was totally amazing, those who attended would say the same. So my good lady “Krystel” has booked for the 21st March and the evening is going to be yet again outstanding. It will cost 40€ per person but it’s a levy night so drinks and a 4 course meal come at no extra cost and you also want for nothing. The restaurant is owned by Janet originally from UK and she is on hand if required and assists in making sure the evening goes smoothly for all family, friends and fanciers alike. Janet also can provide car hire for your holiday duration and details can be found through Isla-car. We also have a Catamaran available all week for us to get out one day…




We are making every effort to ensure the two final locations of the jigsaw are set up to provide you all with an opportunity. We are currently in negotiations for an agreement with the USA to ship pigeons and also China.

Once we can confirm arrangements, we will be classed as a world leading race. So I will hopefully tell you in my next article who they will be going forward. I have had many people ask for next year to make it the richest 1st prize in the world, but many must understand it’s very hard when running a business; however it’s not been ruled out and we will be considered. It would be nice to give a first prize of £150,000 as I think that would achieve people’s request….but positive feedback and restructure of entrance fees would certainly have to change. As an organisation that care about what people are looking for from our future race, it will be discussed at length and all those who have asked will be responded to once a conclusion has been made.

We have been researching many hotels in and around Maspalomas, which are an ideal location for visiting/ heading up to the loft…these below are just a small selection to browse at your leisure.


  Hotel H10 Timanfaya Palace                                             Tabaiba Princess                                       Riu Palace Meloneras                                                

Finally, some photos of the birds in the loft, as you can see they are all in great condition.


We are using Gem, Natural and Versa lager products to keep them healthy and in the best condition. The birds are now “bullet proof” and have successfully been through the quarantine period. We are ready now for forthcoming shipments from all around the world. Please check out all info at and you can email me anytime on, or if you wish to speak to me personally drop me an email and I will provide you with my contact number. So until next time and hopefully with great news on intakes and sponsors, thank you all. Until next week and more on the best race in the Canary Islands.

The Atlantic Masters Team 2017


Hello everyone again, well the first quarantine is well underway and the birds are in amazing condition. I think this is the base of a very successful campaign going forward. We have many phone calls about coming on board this year and the shipment in June is going to be a big one for us but also for you. Our original target was 2000 pigeons but with only one shipment done from the UK of 169 pigeons and locals here in Gran Canaria we are already feeding near 350/400 pigeons. All the birds have had their first Vaccine and at this vital part we are under the instructions of Retford Poultry and we have adhered 100% without deviating from the recommendations, to ensure their health and future.


I would like to introduce Gary Leighton and Graham Mathias from Neston who sent in May. We also have John Potter and Lee Davison from Liverpool, and many others…but who have we got to look forward to this month, well we have Dave Valantine, Kev & Kallum Parsons (Hofkens UK) also Martyn Rudd from Pembrokeshire in South Wales. Paul & Rita Holland and Duke Spicer will be sending in June with their top pigeons also.



I could name a lot more, but I can get to those individuals as we go along each week. I know this sounds good but I’ve been doing some hotel watching for those of you who want to come out for a holiday experience along with the fantastic race, as we all know book early and get a good deal. Today I’m in Lopesan Villa Del Conde and it’s absolutely amazing, has everything you would need to have a great holiday. As you can see by the photos it’s just spectacular.


The Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is excellently situated on the sea front on the south part of Gran Canaria, very close to Meloneras beach (300m) and just a few minutes on foot to the lighthouse and the dunes of Maspalomas Nature Preserve (800m). The 56,340m2, 5 star hotel´s construction reflects some of the most common characteristics of the canary Island traditional architecture and presents a similar structure to that of a welcoming town on the island, with a central square, gardens and charming stately homes with hanging wooden balconies. The spectacular reception is an authentic adaptation of one of the oldest churches on Gran Canaria, with two main towers, a bell tower and central dome.

All week we have been monitoring the birds and it is a credit to all that have shipped in May, as you know when birds come in from different lofts there are different levels of immunity and we blend these in to make the bird’s bullet proof. Yet again we have not lost any of the 169 pigeons shipped and they are having their second vaccination on Sunday where hoping to get some photos for you all. As you can see the young potential winners look amazing in health and condition.

We have had many phone calls about June shipment (25/26/27) and the last call was from my old mentor “Mike Holt” Ganwy Lofts in North Wales, asking about his teams and how they were getting on. I also had a catch up about home and how everyone is. I’ve heard my Dads old mate Jock Ross has not been too good as of late and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully see him enter a team into the Atlantic Masters. I have always got the support from Brian Jones and Tommy Jones (never seen him in a tie) but I do believe “Brian” has been on his rounds on the old election front so “well done” on that Brian. Further afield up to Llanrwst, North Wales, we have a few teams coming from the legend himself “Gary Jones” as he attended Gran Canaria this year and had a great time.



For all concerned and potential participants you can find us at where you will get up to date information on all what we are doing. Going into Europe, and we are heavily supported from the best in Germany, Holland and Belgium. We are just obtaining a coordinator in the mighty USA and South Africa. Our Senior Coordinator in Europe is Karl-Josef-Stroetges and a vast number of coordinators going out as far as Russia. We have the luxury of having Alexander Gabel as the German Coordinator and Erwin Panis for Belgium both greatly respected around Europe also Mark Buse our German, Austria & Switzerland Coordinator.


So as you can see we are not a small organisation but as people say “Massive” we can only get better every day in this race. So thank you all for your great support yet again. We have tried to bring you all the information you require on this One Loft Race and we have an auction coming up on Elimar shortly. The Pigeons that have flown more than any one loft race in the Canary Islands at a distance of 488km. We will offer 50 Pigeons from all around the World from 1st International down, I’m 100% sure you will get genuine winners. We keep saying this to all “The Best in Gran Canaria Awaits you”. I look forward to my report next week where hopefully i can give you more updates on new people just jumping on board as we go along up to the 31st October.

I would like to thank Pete Berry for organising a bonus ball to help three good charities involving fund raising for very sick people and people who have lost things in the pigeon world within the UK. We are just not a one loft race but we actually give something back to our fanciers and our sport; which I feel strongly about. Remember there is still room on the plane for the 26/27 June if you want to come on board, but please hurry and contact any of our great coordinators around the UK and Europe. If you want to direct questions to me, please don’t hesitate and I will reply back as soon as I can. Anyone wishing to come to the new lofts just ask, and you will be very welcome. So, if you like pigeons and you’re coming on holiday between now and March 2018 just drop me a line for a day out not to forget for the right reasons. We hold the best transparency anywhere, and no other can match us and that’s a promise. If you’re lucky you may end up in one of these weekly articles for all to see. So its work to do now and don’t forget to check out the new layout of the Atlantic Masters website….. super easy to use and mobile friendly. Great on the Ipad and when livestream starts you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to view. I am trying my utmost to get all accounts sorted before October, but you can imagine it’s quite a project to undertake, so from a personal note please bear with me. I will be putting all participants onto the database from July onwards so people can see all participants and from August we will be doing loft days (Livestream) where those pigeons here can be monitored and if any of your birds go, you can replace free of charge on any of the remaining shipments and that is why it is good to ship early from the UK.

Good Bye for this week (Our Hearts are with those Families that lost people in Manchester, and we send our regards)

The Atlantic Masters Team


Hello everyone,

Further to the previous article to inform you all that I have gone on my own. I have created The Atlantic Masters in Gran Canaria. There have been numerous rumours, but just to clarify this is the entire truth from my part.The Gran Canaria One Loft Race is where I worked and as you all know I had an offer to stay, but for me there were too many owners and my business thinking was on a different level. So I made the decision to leave, the stress of it all which took its toll on me and Krystel as we had spent so much money to get out here and it affected me by getting severe chest pains (so I went to doctors and ECG readings whatever they are were not good and it was suggested to go back to the UK and be seen by the UK system. Hence I’m having time to write this little article as I’m on the plane back to the UK. When I decided to leave, all my trusted team – Pete Berry, Alan Knowles , John Davies, Wayne Conway, Louisiana Sylvester and Tenny Tipper all said if you go, I go!! I knew I had a shot in finding a new loft but the name was hard to think and I spent numerous nights thinking what could it be, it was obvious that I could not use Gran Canaria as I had already re-branded the Para Negra to Gran Canaria the year before. I did not want any cross wires so in the end I came up with “The Atlantic Masters Pigeon Race”. Which to be honest i feel is a great name and I’m sure over time it will be the pinnacle of winter one loft races classed simply “The Masters” I am sure with all the Coordinators around the world more than any other one loft race it is hopefully going to be the ultimate race in the winter months. I have built the team on very strong foundations for success, I know people are already asking many questions which has given all the team strength, these acts are just showing everyone, including myself other who have questioned my reasons for beginning a new chapter are finding it difficult to digest the truth. The team are trusted and respected world wide as you all know, a race is a race but it is the true transparency of the owner and all involved that shines through.


We train and every training will be shown, it’s even in the rules, also in the rules states that we will not fly the pigeons with local federation to aid their returns and that’s to the final. Remember I live here on the island and people it’s not rumours, so do you really get a true champion?? Not in our teams eyes. So onto what we will be bringing in is an additional Hotspot (car race) so in total 4! Unbelievable if you think your only paying 500€ for a team of 5. I have put in guarantees if we lose your pigeons before the sea trainer you will get a free entry the following year. People ask me “Why Mark?”. Well I have sat down and gone through all in great detail, I love racing your birds, I love putting something out there that no other can offer. I have based the race on these fundamental structures and you’ll see why. All prize monies is to be paid out on the day or at the Gala evening. Evidently a robust training procedure that no other can match with all training live screened. Multi nations taking part all over the world. The final week starts on the 19/03 through to the 24/03 where the Gala evening will take place at a fantastic hotel and entertainment provided. I have brought in a Benzing clocking system known to all as the best one loft race clock ever made. If you read the rules they are all based around the fancier not the organisation. We have Pete Berry as our Senior Coordinator of the Uk and the coordinators as follows: John Davies Wales & UK Tenny Tipper Wales Freddie Robertson and Dave Brown representing Scotland Wayne Conway and Louisiana Sylvester representing North East of England and finally Alan Knowles representing both Ireland and Northern Ireland. All of these people can be found at the website where you can see all rules and conditions, but also all entry forms and you will see the wealth of coordinators all around the world. The final week of the race will start on the 19th March through to the 25th March. We will start by having public basketing at the lofts in Maspalomas, after this we will then have a welcome dinner in the little Venice of Gran Canaria “Puerto Morgan” and then the final from Lanzarote where we will have a hog roast at the lofts and light refreshments. Then for all money payouts at the Gala evening. It is truly a great experience for all competitors but also to meet pigeon fanciers from all over the world and share your passion. Going back to the the final we will be live streaming all over the world with people emailing and phoning in to ask questions about the race and with all the technology we will be able to have multi talkways live. We can have live interviews all over the world. Maspalomas is the oldest tourist town on the south coast of Gran Canaria, a 20 minute drive or bus ride east from Puerto Rico. This resort is famous for its beautiful, natural 6 kilometre coastline of sand dunes, wide sandy beaches and beautiful shallow waters. There isn’t much else to do in Maspalomas but enjoy the fabulous coastline, shops and restaurants which lead into Melanores, but along the Costa Maspalomas you can visit the resorts of Aguila, Las Burras, San Agustin and Playa del Ingles. The actual resort of Maspalomas is very upmarket and is home to some luxury residences, hotels and the largest golf course on the island. The stretch of beach which separates the Maspalomas resort with Playa del Ingles consists of 400 hectares of dramatic sand dunes, which have been designated a natural park. The dunes are a natural habitat for many different species of rare plants, which manage to survive the dry arid landscape. You can cross the dunes by foot or camel. Maspalomas beach are excellent for families with children, with lots of facilities available, including water sports, showers, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Places to visit towards the west of the nature park is an area called El Oasis, with its upmarket hotels and La Charca, which is the remains of a seawater lagoon. If you enjoy bird watching or natural surroundings in general then you will love this spot, which is fringed with palm trees. The Aqualand Maspalomas, is the island’s largest water park and a great day out for the family, if you get bored of the beach and sand dunes, there is also an attraction park called Holiday World and Palomitos Park, an ornithological park. The wild west comes to Gran Canaria at Sioux City Theme Park and if you want to enjoy a little Canarian culture and history then a visit to Mundo Aborigen is a must. Gran Canarias’s climate like the rest of the Canary Islands is mild, enjoying pleasant temperatures all year round. Average temperatures during the summer months average 26-28C; during the winter months the temperature rarely drops below 22 degrees, making it a perfect all year round destination.


Also don’t forget Playa de Amadores has a magnificent and beautiful blue flag beach. Besides being a romantic setting the beach is fantastic for children, the two massive breakwaters that project from the bays headland provide powerful protection from the Altantic swell and waves.The beach is a long, wide swathe of soft, golden sand which shelves gently into the calm, blue sea. So come and fly your pigeons with a greatly respected team of people with no hidden agendas only to bring you all a great experience. I am available 24/7, 365 days a year if you ever need information and I guarantee a response within 24 hours.

 Atlantic Masters Team


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