Click on above for Kev’s website!!

Ladies and Gentlemen we would like to introduce Kev Parsons and all his family, Kev’s Eldest son Kallum (far right in photo) is also in with Kev as a family Syndicate and it’s great to see.

On the Photo itself is Kev’s Wife Sonya and his Daughter “Gracie” and her friends Maisie and Louis. I have copied the Great Hofkens website for the world to see (above) I know Kev personally and I can tell everyone you will not find better family of Pigeons than his.

Just to have this syndicate in the Atlantic Masters tells everyone that we attract the best around through sheer determination to succeed and complete transparency in every day to day running of the lofts and racing.

Kev can ship birds all over Europe but also to Gran Canaria if anyone is interested email him or give him a call. Thanks again Kev and Kallum (family) see you in March 2018 for the final…….

The Atlantic Masters Team

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