Ladies and gentlemen
With great regret due to unforeseen circumstances will have to put training back until January . Our internet has failed to connect to the satellite as we do not have cable to our location. Myself,Wayne and Freddie have been working solid on lists and getting everything ready to present you all with what we have promised. It is breaking myself to write this and we have to take everything into consideration. As you know we have put everything in to this venture and this must hurt all involved.
Your trust and patients have been amazing but it is out of our control completely. On the plus side the weather here at the moment is very hit and miss with strong winds from the south.
As you are all aware my health has not been great and I’m still under the doctors back in the UK. Perhaps it’s time for to put my own circumstances to aside and give you all I have. I will move back out here after Christmas and do the race as I do think more people will be happy with his out come “Well apart from my Krystel” I have asked Wayne Conway to assist us from this time but also John Davies has pledged time for us to over and assist.
I can assure you all that we will get the birds to the final for the week commencing the 19-26 March no problem.
We have bought a small modem to project to the internet but would not support the structure we want to excel. I will endeavour to bring you best until we have the satellite link but until that moment all we can do.
On a personal note if empty feels bad please treble it at this moment how I personally feel. I am a man of my word and for myself and Krystel this has killed me inside. I can not say no more how I feel, nor my loyal staff all around World.
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