Hello Everyone

Just a update on the June shipment from The UK, we have many teams and only 400 seats on it. We just don’t want you to miss out on this great shipment. All our coordinators are ready to talk to you and book you in. Come and fly with best there is  around…..Get on the Plane 25/26/27 June “Call Now”

The lofts are filling up daily with local fanciers and don’t forget we have our first European shipment in June (Here are the dates)

June 17th 2017
July 16th  2017
September 3rd 2017
Kassel show ( 28 and 29 October 2017 ) Last Shipment Please contact all European coordinators thank you.

Remember its 500 Euro for a team of 5 pigeons and all are activated.
Can you be the Ultimate Champion of the Atlantic and collect the Heart of the sea Trophy???
“Simply the the best in Gran Canaria”




The best awaits you!

Team Atlantic

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