I am Mark Williams I moved to Gran Canaria under a contract with the GCOLR, Until April this year. I brought problely the best ever race to be held in Gran Canaria by introducing professional transparency, Live results videos of pigeon cam never seen before in one loft racing. In April there was a discussion about the future and I did not like what I was hearing. So I left immediately but I knew after all the feed back to myself from all over the World. I knew I would be better on my own. That is what I’ve done simple gone on my own. There should be no malice but I am not interested in lowering myself to bad mouth people. I am honest and I’m 100% in control. We the Atlantic Masters DO NOT WANT TO BE THE GCOLR. We wish them the very best and I hope what I gave them in knowledge and superior knowledge in keeping the birds health and the training programmes they should be good for the future. We have the best team of coordinators in the World, we have a great location to race our feathered friends 345 of sunny days. We have a top class vet practise backing us to strive forward. Then myself who is focused 100% to bring you all a experience you will never forget, year in year out. We have the backing of hundreds of fanciers and luckily they want me to fly there pigeons. So the transition is not hard! You have myself and my team at your disposal 24/7 365 days a year. All I can say we have never proclaimed to be the GCOLR but I have told I! Mark Williams has gone on my own in the Atlantic Masters and that is what people want honesty and trust and always someone to help if needed.


I seriously cant say anymore! I have great friends, great partisapants and great staff who back myself 100%. That Ladies and Gentlemen is a word called “Trusted and respected”


leave you all to to read and good night for now!!!!! But if you want to be flying in the winter months with livestream every other day with 4 CARS to be won and possibly the best final ever to take place in all Canary Islands with prize money paid out on the day or at Gala evening???? “Come and fly with the best” very simple to see and 100% transparency as always.


Mark Williams

Atlantic Masters

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