Good Day All,

Well may I start off by saying the Atlantic Masters is over the moon with the turnout of pigeons in the second shipment, not only have we smashed the UK records for the month of June but just to say to have 400+ birds from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the loft just shows you all how big and successful we are. As you can all see below, I have all photos of our shipment, just by looking at the quality of the birds and the health is spectacular. We as a group value the shipping very seriously and know this is the most important time of the whole adventure. The young birds hydration and metabolism (feeding) is our goal to perfection, we have done it year in year out to get robust young birds from A to B (I can tell you we had no fatalities and the way they look just adds me again to praise all my staff and a hard job well done). I hope this proves to you all we care about what we do and pride ourselves on being probably one of the best one lofts races around the world. The birds from UK to GC in less than 48 hrs!!


                         Holding loft UK                                           Walkers Transport                        Animal fly   


            GC Airport                              Atlantic Masters Quarantine section all birds in good health



               Andy Jackson                                    Tom Sweeney                            Graham Watkins  


        Sean Harland                                       Mike Ohara                             Ray Bullen / Gerry Clements             

I am just sat on the plane going home writing this and it has for me been a hard week and leaving an unwell Krystel at home with the two boys (Dogs) but the nice thing about it all is the complete all round support I have and the team as either a friend or a member of the family come out to GC every time I’m doing a shipment.



I have also been working very hard on the website (behind the scenes) this means in time everything you need in one loft racing will be there for you and it really will be up there with the best. I’ve been looking in to the operation of Benzing and trying to integrate the finer details of their technical system to our great website. But in layman terms it’s very hard to do BUT going to be dead easy to use with big buttons and easy access to your very own personal accounts. I’m adding a facility were you, the customer, can upload information about yourself within reason for other fanciers to understand who you are and for potential future promotions. I am making it user friendly as believe it or not I am no whizz when it comes to computers but I try and I learn, like all the hard way. I hope you like the new design of the lofts and see how much these pigeons of yours are actually in paradise. 300 days of sun hardly any rain but I must say “when it rains it really does rain” I’m just hoping I’ve left all the rain behind as since I walked of that plane on the 24/06 all it did was rain and rain and guess what!! More rain” but I suppose it made up for all that I have missed over the last 8 months. Obviously I have my own race now with Carlos Tadeo Gonzales and it’s quite a change to be honest. Not like before I was seeing over pigeons (Health, training, feeding etc) then website updates, phone calls, Facebook, doing videos. But now I feel blessed I have lots of time to myself and what I do now is manage the website and any reports; which I hope you all enjoy very much. I have had great feedback from many fanciers and thank you. So Carlos has been Isla champion on many occasions “So in my eyes he knows better and most of all he knows Gran Canaria” he has the birds health and feeding to manage and I have set the training programme and it is not easy but very good for us all to watch live every other day (total transparency as usual from Carlos and I and all through our great team) so for myself this weekend I’m already an hour behind schedule as my plane is delayed, so looks like I’ll be at the loft Sunday now but not for long as don’t shout but it is my Krystel’s birthday and I need to take her for our favourite Sunday lunch at the Britannia pub (02/07/17) this does the best big breakfast you could physically imagine and believe me you know when you have had one (you can’t walk if you eat it all) so from Myself and all the team within the Atlantic Masters, we would like to say Happy Birthday Boss (Krystel) as we all know you are the boss and you really do hold all of us as a close family.


   Martyn Rudd                Dave Valentine                Freddie Robertson         Alan Knowles/Billy Hayes N Ireland

Home visits were done yet again while home as it’s not the same if you get home but don’t see people close to you in the sport. I stopped off at Mike Holt’s to tell him his pigeons were in good order and dropped him 200 Regal for Tez to puff on. I was not there long as it was at the beginning of the week and before madness started with shipment, we had a good chat about the Eryri federation and it’s new programme (weighing up all the Pro’s and con’s) for me I loved the Welsh South East Combine but obviously it’s on a vote, so to hear they had left soften my heart a little. But remember everyone has opinions and I think we forget that but I wish all the fanciers all the best. Mikes been slowly cutting down on his birds as about 25 years ago he was hit in his Merc (RTA) and damaged his back but now it seems to have caught up with him. So get well soon Mike and the house is yours when you and Tez have time to come out to Gran Canaria.

I also dropped on the most famous man in Rhyl (Tommy Jones) it’s quite ironic really how you seem to hear him before you actually see him. But Tommy is not right either in body and we all know he ain’t right in head but we wish him the best of luck on your next Hospital appointment and make sure you ask for “Broad Green” keep fighting Tommy you know we love ya!!!

  Did not see Councillor Jones (Brian) but I suppose he has out grown us mere folk now and I must remember to book in advance on my next return to the UK. I believe from Tommy (young Malcolm Parry Jones) has been flying a good pigeon in the Nationals “if it’s true mal” well done mate and see you soon for a few young ones, it’s hard to mention everyone but I will try and find time to catch up with you all.  We have now set our 3rd shipment for the 26/07/17 already we are up to 100 pigeons and we will yet again prove we are simply the best with coordinators of shipments and race come December. We as a one loft race understand there are other races in our locality but we operate in a professional manner and all coordinators have strict rules. This is to ensure the continuity and aim our race provides. We work as a massive team all around the world and have one motto ” Honesty and upfront” as you all know if you start stating “Hardest” or “it’s down to the pigeons”, well I can tell you something for nothing every one loft race is hard…when you add water into the mix it gets harder. However with correct education and a good training programme set out and this race will be one to watch! Prize money!! Our prize money will be paid out on the Gala Evening, I have been where you are and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your money. We have placed it in our rules to make this 100%, we have been asked do we pay prize money on a monthly basis “well we do not state it in our rules”, so no monthly system. Tax in Gran Canaria “yes” there is and we will pay 27,000€ on 135,000€ prize fund. This does not come out of the prize fund, In the Canary Islands by law you need a licence to fly a “hot or one loft race” if you look at our rules and conditions you’ll see Our licence. The federation in the Canary Islands must approve the race programme, they also must check on the loft! To see if it can hold the amount of birds it states.  A perch is defined as a place for a bird but that bird must be able to turn around in a 360′ circle without altering their tail.

Questions about transparency that has also been put across, now everyone knows to be 100% transparent you need to do many things that is above board. When you start to train pigeons, be it from 2km or to 60km on a daily basis. First and foremost it is important to have a start of events, if you have livestream it’s a product you buy and it is unlimited for usage, so a 100% basket list should be produced, so that means running the pigeons over the electronic pads every time “Why” well if the race is transparent all previous trainers and all birds should be checked for injuries or not looking 100% as at the end of the day it’s your money we are looking after but also your investment. The Organisation should have a hospital list for all to see and the health of those birds are paramount and should have a great vet on call and regular visits to loft. Going back to livestream once you start training every trainer should be live “Please tell me if I’m wrong” so now we start to have transparency. So we get a basket list live every morning and not the same list from previous trainer. Then you have an up to date Hospital list on a daily basis and finally you get a live trainer and if that is (training not live) behind closed doors all transparency has gone. Finally the last part to it all is…constant updates!! In flight updates and after training has finished. We require 600 teams, so that is 3000 pigeons we state this and we have not offered a mega prize as we can’t at the moment, our lofts are designed to hold 3100 pigeons and we put the pigeons first not the money, this is us just being honest with you and we wish we could say you can win €100,000+ 1st prize but we don’t false advertise but perhaps in the next years series we can offer new figures on a world record 1st prize but until then, please understand we want to ensure honesty and that you as a fancier knows what we offer each step of the way. So, if anyone is interested in sending, please bear these points in mind.

                 Sunday at lofts and I am so very proud of all coordinators and participants as the health of all is paramount. All 143 pigeons today have been vaccinated and then let in to the Avery for a fly. I’ve taken some photos for you to mull over “while I” had a few photos taken of our family here in Maspalomas, GC so to try and bring in the family feeling as that is what we are proud of.

Atlantic Masters Team GC


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