Good Afternoon as you can see all the pigeons are all in great condition and now the quarantine period is over for all the May shipment. We are ready now for the next large shipment from Europe and Uk. These are due from next weekend and up to the end of June. We are on track and we are very confident we will fill the loft this year. Remember it’s our 1st shipment from Europe 17th June and then we have our second shipment from the UK and Ireland 25/26/27 June. If you would like to be part of this great race please contact any of our world wide coordinators. I hope you enjoy the images from today and this proves all birds are in amazing condition.

“The Best in Gran Canaria awaits you”

Come and fly with us

The Atlantic Masters Team

“we are nearing 1.5 Million hits to date and top google charts”


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