The ULTIMATE race over the ATLANTIC

To watch live through the whole winter season. All Race’s are LIVE!!!!! Total transparency throughout starting from 1st December until the final week commencing 19.03.2018!!!

Have a look:

The Atlantic Masters have a Pigeon hospital facility which is supported by Retford Poultry Ltd, their knowledge which has spanned over 35 years ensures the health and welfare of each and every pigeon. The loft is managed by Mark Williams and Carlos Tadeo Gonzales; which have a combined 70 years’ experience. All prize money is paid out the evening following the final, which is held at a fantastic Gala event.

The Loft is near MASPALOMAS, an amazing location for pigeon fanciers and their families & friends.

A total of 135,000 EURO Prize Money

Be part of the most talked about race in the World with over 1 million hits on the website since May!!


Cost per team (5 pigeons) is 500 euro

If you send two teams (You will get two pigeons free) so you can send 12

Transport costs per Pigeon £30 pounds

No Other Activation Costs!!!!

All ready 400+ shipped to this great Race from the UK and Ireland


The delivery dates are:

                              26th July 2017                               


Please contact your local coordinator for timetables!

Senior UK Coordinator

Pete Berry

Tel: +44 7738 109733


Scotland Coordinators 

Freddie Robertson/ Dave Brown

Mob: 07387190860 (Freddie)

Mob: 07768161777 ( David)

United Kingdom & Wales Coordinator

John Michael Davies

Tel: 0044-7955 624962

North East of England Coordinators

Wayne Conway & Lou Sylvester 

Tel: 01909239416  Mob:07823887552

Wales Coordinator

  Tennyson Tipper

Tel: 01685876970    

Mob: 07723919167 


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