Hello All shipment dates from the UK are as follows:

May 15/16th 2017  All bird are to be delivered to North wales please contact all UK based coordinators. ( Pete Berry is senior Coordinator )

June 26/27 2017  June same as above please contact all UK based coordinators.


European shipment Dates Please contact any of the European coordinators

May 21st  2017

July 16th  2017

September 3rd 2017

Kassel show ( 28 and 29 October 2017 ) Last Shipment

Remember its 500 Euro for a team of 5 pigeons and all are activated.

Can you be the Ultimate Champion of the Atlantic and collect the Heart of the sea Trophy???

“Come and fly with the best”


The Atlantic Masters Gran Canaria Pigeon Race……. Click on the top of the page Coordinators of the World

Thank You.


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