Hello all, This is my new home and I am in Maspalomas south of the Island in Gran Canaria. As you all know! you will get honesty and transparency where ever I go.I chose Maspalomas because of many things  the location for you all to come and enjoy the weather with your partners and family, also geographically it’s far better for the pigeons flying from Lanzarote.I would like to thank Rafa Jaber Madina for giving myself the oppertunity to come to Gran Canaria and I and everyone else in the world enjoyed the race last year but once I resigned could not continue as I have this new project. So “Rafa” big thank you………

We have all the coordinators in place ready to take your orders for shipments “Please click on Coordinators”

What to expect? We will be honest and race the pigeons hard up to the final in Lanzarote week commencing the 19th March 2018.

Training please “Click” training and youll see a intensive schedule for the birds from the beginning of December 2017.

That will do for now, But if you have any questions please contact myself on mark@atlantic-masters.com +447825302007 or Carlos on carlostadeo@hotmail.com +34 620465514/+34 625171453. Finally you have all the Coordinators at your disposal.


Speak Soon


The Atlantic Masters Team 

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